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Wellington St Carpark June 2019.

Projecting onto Jo Peel and Will Baras’ Artwork.

Hagglers Corner Projection Test

AR Projection onto Jo Peel’s mural outside Hagglers Corner, Heeley Bottom, Queens Rd, Sheffield

So the intention is to look for suitable graffiti around town to make some projections. I have a Lightform which is really useful in scanning and tracing objects and lines so that he whole process can be done in a couple of minutes. Having scanned I then add in different effects to places with in the scan, which, artistically, takes a bit longer – and a show can be put together within 45 minutes.

Ocean World

A magical experience using AR projection technology for the Dronfield Arts Festival

‘Wave’. Create you own waves simply by moving in front of the screen

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Reef Wall

Primavera Calling. Dronfied Arts Festival 2018

An AR (Augmented Reality) Projection onto the Walls of Dronfield Hall Barn.

A poetic story of hope for children and adults. 

As words describing our natural world have been forgotten and nature herself is losing a battle against what has been done to the earth by older generations. 

Children begin to form new words for the creatures they love and keep them in the ‘Book of Knowing’ . 

They find themselves hearing  from the past, in the voices of the ’Primavera’ , that the only hope for their world is in caring for it in most creative ways. 

This moving and delightfully illustrated story was originally written and produced as an animation for the Dronfield Arts Festival 2018 and has now been reimagined in an enchanting book by artist and author John Sutcliffe.

The Animation can be viewed here

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fb Hanging Boots Creative

Written, Animated and Produced by John Sutcliffe for Dronfield Arts Festival 2018 

Wellington St Carpark Street Art Mapping