Please contact me here if you would like to join our Zoom art classes. These are £5 per session and I will send payment details when you contact me to join. We also have a WhatsApp group for those who join

COVID 19 has put extra stresses on us all. We had to cancel the art group in March and have recently started live online classes via Zoom. I have also begun an extensive educational project putting Art Tutorial Videos on line (12 so far and updating each week). These are to help anyone develop skills in Drawing and Painting. Called “Hello Art!” Click on the video link below to view an example and please like and subscribe to my channel to view more.


A list of materials we use is on the right, but don’t worry if you haven’t got all these we are adaptable to what you have. If you look at the resources below I will let you know what we are doing in the class each week so you can be prepared.


Materials you will need: These will vary from week to week so its good to have a supply of basic art materials – paper (of different types depending on the materials being used) – various pencils – eraser – fineline pens – both water based and water resistant – charcoal and pastels – We use different types of paint – Watercolour – Acrylic – Gouache – Oil and I will explain these in each class We may also do some collage – cutting and sticking paper shapes ( paper with different textures is good to have to hand eg brown wrapping paper, cardboard, tissue paper – anything you have to hand – oh and a craft knife and a surface to cut on. ( I will also put a list of materials resources at the bottom of the page)

Art Beyond Normal – New Tutorial Project and Resources For Chesterfield Cultural Education Partnership

Join me in an inspirational art workshop recording our streets in these strange times through snapshot photography and painting.  Using art as a means of bringing joy into the story in a delightfully simple form. We will make ink and colour wash paintings, punctuated with the signs of how slightly differently we now navigate our world in 2020 – such as those which say ‘keep your distance’, reminders to wear face masks, and even the rainbows thanking our NHS and so on. You will find it an uplifting experience, making a visual map of the new history of which we are all a part. Using the photographs supplied (or you may wish to photograph your own communities) we will make  drawings of the shop fronts including the signs which appear in the doorways, windows and streets. In this video I will demonstrate how to do this and then to paint it using watercolour paints, so even if you haven’t lifted a paint brush for a long time you will be able to create a beautiful and meaningful painting. Please Use the resources below and follow the tutorial at Hello Art.

Community Art Classes

I taught art in secondary schools for many years and now, as Artist in Residence for the Dronfield Heritage Trust, I run online art classes for adults in Dronfield on Thursdays from 1:30 – 4:30 pm . For bookings please contact Maria at or contact me at

I train teachers in art education at both Primary and Secondary levels. Please contact me for details.

This is the kind of thing we’re working on at the moment.

Teaching Resources

If you miss a class please feel free to Download resources from your classes here.


Cromford Canal

Art Class Resources June 2020

Download images and resources for painting

Line Drawing using Fineline Pen
Colourwash over line drawing
Source Image
Drawing the human figure pt 1 Creating movement
Drawing the human figure part 2 Proportions